• David & Kristy Richards

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    I became a Christian when I was twelve and was active in my faith through my teenage years. As a University Student in Brisbane I was discipled by a CO staff person and grew greatly in my faith. Kristy became a Christian through the same ministry. After serving on staff in Brisbane we are now laboring on the campus in Dunedin, New Zealand so that labourers may be raised up for these harvest fields.

  • Hugh Wilson

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    I am from Brisbane Australia and studied at the University of Otago. I started studying in 2009 and came to know Christ at the end of my second year in 2010, through the CCP team and the ministry. After finishing my degree, in 2013, I spent three years in Mongolia teaching English in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

  • Paddy and Nadia Beamish

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    My name is Patrick(Paddy) Beamish and I know and love Jesus. I’m a born and bred Kiwi bloke who enjoys rugby, sports, having a laugh and solid theology. I trained as a physical therapist at university and married the beautiful Nadia. My main goal in life is to enjoy Jesus and share him with others. “That your joy may be full.”

  • Matt & Emma Kincaid-Lloyd

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    I went to church only twice a year as a kid and was first exposed to the gospel when I was a sophomore in high school at a weekend retreat. I left knowing that I was sinful, that my sin separated me from God, and that I needed a savior. The summer going into my senior year, God softened my heart and showed me that Jesus was my savior. I went to college and joined a fraternity so that I could tell people, who seemed to only be living for the weekend, about the joy, peace, and purpose I’d received from Christ. I fell in love with telling college students about Jesus throughout my time in school and fell in love with sharing Christ with post-modern secularized people during my time at a liberal arts school and studying abroad in London, UK. I have been given the opportunity to go to the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand to share Jesus with college students and to help build Christ-like leaders for the next generation.

  • Bethany Piel

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    I am from Topeka, KS, and I came to know the Lord personally during my freshman year of college. Throughout the rest of my time in college, God grew my heart for the world. This has led me to serve in Dunedin, New Zealand. I will have the opportunity to share the Gospel with students who have never heard who Jesus is and show them what it looks like to have a relationship with God. I am excited for the Lord to use me to glorify Him and make His name known among the nations!

  • Laura & Jonathan Spence

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    I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home in North Canterbury. At 17 years of age, I moved to Dunedin to pursue a career in medicine. However, the Lord had greater plans. Being involved with Campus Outreach/Engage grew my heart for the lost and my passion for glorifying God through my studies. I am now on staff with Campus Outreach/Engage as the Women’s Coordinator.

  • Thomas Roberts

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    Thomas grew up in Hendersonville, TN and studied Mechanical Engineering at Tennessee Tech. The ministry of Campus Outreach helped him to grow in his faith and open his eyes to world missions. After having the chance to serve at a sister ministry in Dunedin, New Zealand for two summers, Thomas’s heart was broken for the students he met, and he was convinced of the need for laborers on the campus. After he graduates in May, he is excited to enter the LEAD program and begin the process of returning to New Zealand to serve and help spread the Gospel to students there.

  • Rochelle Raggio

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    I grew up in a Christian family and became a Christian in high school. When I went to University I became involved with Engage Otago (Campus Outreach Dunedin). I am so thankful for the people who invested in me and helped me to know and love God more. They showed me what it looked like to live as a Christian and helped me to grow in my faith and share it with others.

    I graduated in 2014, and since then I have worked as a primary school teacher while continuing to be involved with Engage. I have come alongside students to help them to know, worship, and serve Christ for the rest of their lives.

    Through Campus Outreach I have been to Thailand twice for short-term missions. I saw the need for laborers in Thailand and realized I could join the Campus Outreach team there.

    I’m excited to see students saved and multiplied in Thailand, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to obediently follow God there.