About Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach, founded in 1978 by Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, is a network of interdenominational ministries targeting strategic college campuses in the United States and throughout the world.

As you navigate through our site, you will quickly learn that Campus Outreach is a ministry built on relationships. It is through these life-on-life relationships that college students come to know Christ, mature in their relationship with Him, and share their lives and faith with others through evangelism and discipleship.

The influence of Campus Outreach does not end at graduation. The success of our vision is measured best by the students who carry the vision of reaching the lost world with them after college. Our prayer is that alumni will continue to grow in their relationship with God, share their faith with the lost, and continue the process of disciplining others.


  • "I love Campus Outreach. It is radically God-centered and radically in love with college students who need Christ. It is a growing global movement that I support with joy. To see the Christ-exalting fruit that comes in the conversion and spiritual growth of students through the work of Campus Outreach is deeply satisfying."

    Dr. John Piper

    Senior Pastor
    Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • “Campus Outreach is in my opinion one of the greatest ministries of its time. The thing that continues to amaze me is the incredible impact that I have seen in the lives of college students and their commitment to the process.”

    Al Worthington

    Board of Directors Chairman
    Campus Outreach Birmingham
  • “Because of partnering with local churches, the potential for growth of the Campus Outreach Ministry is unending. As God continues to raise up like-minded churches, Campus Outreach will continue to expand.”

    Rev. Frank Barker, Jr.

    Pastor Emeritus
    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
  • “Campus Outreach is one of the most exciting ministries I have known. The students are committed to Christ and in love with people. I have to say that the leaders of CO whom I have met exemplify Christian leadership in their love for God’s Word and their service to the students. I highly recommend this ministry."

    Dr. Richard Pratt

    Reformed Theological Seminary
  • “In all my years of involvement with campus ministries, I have never been impressed with one any more than Campus Outreach. The ministry exhibits a rare combination of strengths in evangelism, discipleship, and theology.”

    Rev. Randy Pope

    Senior Pastor
    Perimeter Church
  • “As a student, Campus Outreach taught me the importance of making decisions that will have an impact not for the moment, but for eternity.”

    Robert Aderholt

    U. S. Congressman
    State of Alabama