• Moe and Git Montenegro

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    In 1991, I came to know Jesus through the Campus Outreach ministry the summer of my junior year. Throughout the rest of college, I learned more about Jesus and the Bible through discipleship groups and through church. My heart for overseas missions grew as I understood more of God’s heart to reach all people. I joined the Campus Outreach Thailand team in 1997.

    ​ I want to see God use us to reach and build Thai men and women who will one day have families who love and honor God and continue to labor for him.

  • Mariah Edwards

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    Back in December of 2017, I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a B.S. in Family Life Education with a focus of Child Development. During the fun and hard experience of college life, was where the foundation of my relationship with Christ began. I was and am still radically changed by the beauty of the gospel. I was introduced early on in my walk with Christ of how we serve a big God who loves all people – every culture and nation. God has grown my heart to be a part of His mission by raising up people to know Him and walk with Him, and specifically cross-culturally.

  • Aaron Raggio

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    I grew up going to church, but it wasn’t until college that I really began to follow Christ. I got involved with Campus Outreach and began to be discipled as a freshman. I went to many events through the years such as Summer Projects and New Years Conference. My experience sharing my life and the gospel and with college students has shaped the way I want to live and give my life to something greater than myself.

  • Rochelle Wiseman

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    I grew up in a Christian family and became a Christian in high school. When I went to University I became involved with Engage Otago (Campus Outreach Dunedin). I am so thankful for the people who invested in me and helped me to know and love God more. They showed me what it looked like to live as a Christian and helped me to grow in my faith and share it with others.

    I graduated in 2014, and since then I have worked as a primary school teacher while continuing to be involved with Engage. I have come alongside students to help them to know, worship, and serve Christ for the rest of their lives.

    Through Campus Outreach I have been to Thailand twice for short-term missions. I saw the need for laborers in Thailand and realized I could join the Campus Outreach team there.

    I’m excited to see students saved and multiplied in Thailand, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to obediently follow God there.

  • Oraya (Aw) Kaewphanna

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    Aw came to know Jesus as a student at Khon Kaen University, where she studied Bio-Chemistry. After learning more and more about what God has done in saving her and affirming her in and through Jesus, she felt compelled to reach out to others. After praying, working, and waiting, God opened the opportunity for her to join the Campus Outreach team in Udon Thani, Thailand. Her primary role is to provide resourcing support, and secondarily, she will do campus ministry at Rajabhat and Sam Phao University.

  • Jakrawut (Wutt) Lueamnat

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    Wutt came to know Jesus while a student at Khon Kaen University where he studied Microbiology. He was discipled by one of the Thai staff and after graduation served with CO Khon Kaen as an intern. Wutt has enjoyed walking with the Lord. He had a growing desire to make his life count for something that would last forever. As God lead COKK to expand, this gave Wutt an opportunity to be part of CO in Udon Thani reaching students with the gospel of Jesus.

  • Taylor M. Smith

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    Originally from Taylorsville and Mount Washington, which is right outside of Louisville, KY. Studied Business & Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University and came to know Christ senior year. Currently working at JP Morgan Chase and Olive Garden in the city of Lexington, KY, and my passion is to glorify God by serving all people and sharing the love, grace, power, and redemption of Jesus Christ.

  • Trevor Sumpter

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    I grew up going to church often, but I really idolized playing sports and having a good image. In middle school, my dad became a Christian and began sharing his faith with me. After several years of faithful sharing, during my Junior year of High School, I became a Christian. Upon entering college, I sought out discipleship and men with whom I could grow in my faith. The Lord greatly changed my life through ministry events and faithful men and women who poured into me throughout those college years. Because of that, I have a deep desire to live my life wholly for Christ and to make much of Him around the world.

  • Wanwisa (Som) Khoomphol

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    My name is Som. I graduated from KhonKaen University with a Bachelor of Arts in French. I grew up in a buddhist family, going to the temple and making merit since I was young. I came to know the Lord in my 3rd year. I was discipled by CO staff and joined the projects and training events provided by CO. God has given me a desire to teach and be an influence for God in the lives of my Thai people. The CO THAI LEAD program gives me this opportunity.