Each year during the winter break, Campus Outreach regions across the country host what we call “New Years Conference.” This critical ministry event is designed to expose students to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, establish students in their walks with God, and equip them for life and ministry as followers of Christ. Students and CO Staff gather together for 5 days and 4 nights attending rallies and seminars to receive Biblical teaching and training around topics such as prayer, evangelism, spiritual leadership, dating and relationships, discipleship, and more.

God has blessed and used these conferences over the years to bring many students to faith in Christ, to give students a vision for deeper devotion to Christ, and to call students into a commitment to a lifetime of Kingdom leadership. Our prayer is that God would continue to use these conferences in significant and transformational ways in the lives of the thousands of students who attend annually.

Chattanooga, TN | December 27 – December 31

Indianapolis, IN | December 28 – December 31

Atlanta, GA | December 28 – December 31

Austin, TX | December 28 – December 31