• Relationship with God

    Everything begins with, is sourced by, and returns to Jesus Christ.  God (known, enjoyed, loved, treasured, and experienced in the Father, Son, and Spirit) is the beginning, middle, and end of what Campus Outreach wants to be about in every element of our ministry.  By God’s grace, we are committed to living in fellowship with the triune God of the Bible, that all the components of this ministry would flow from, through, and back to the priority of communion with Christ.

  • Relationship with the Local Church

    Campus Outreach also believes in a strong relationship with the church. Each regional ministry is under the authority and leadership of a local hub church, which provides a crucial source of accountability, leadership and resources. Within each region, staff members and students of outlying campus ministries become involved in local churches.

  • Relationship with Ministry Partners

    Campus Outreach desires to live and grow in a co-laboring environment, with other ministries and financial supporters who join with us in Gospel work.  This collaboration with ministries and financial supporters includes those from our hub/sending areas and others as we move into our new/expanding areas.   These partnerships strengthen the advancement of the Gospel of Christ through the CO Vision.

  • Relationship with One Another

    Finally, Campus Outreach believes the best spiritual training takes place in the context of relationships. We emphasize the importance of life-on-life relationships – one individual sharing his or her life with another to the end that new believers are born, discipled, and grow to maturity. We desire to live out the Gospel in our relationships among students, with staff, among the various Campus Outreach ministries, and in the body of Christ.