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The Wits University has over 33,000 students, 11,000 of them live in the University residences. Wits is a vibrant university, with students coming from different parts of South Africa who adopt the university culture of openness and being keen to engage. Campus Outreach has been ministering to students since 2003, which has graciously been sustained by God through evangelizing and discipling of multiple generations of students by a life-on-life process. Currently, the staff team consists of three full-time staff members. We are anticipating the arrival of LEAD staff in January 2021 to add to the team. Alongside the staff are 18 student leaders whom we do ministry with, and 26 other students who are closely evangelizing. We are currently active in 3 student dorms, 2 female and 1 male.

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Campus Outreach SERVE
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