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I grew up in a non-Christian home and had little opportunity to read the Bible. By the time I started college, I had developed a skeptical worldview, a resistant attitude toward the church, and did not believe Jesus to be relevant in my personal life. All of this changed when I met and became friends with the Campus Outreach staff who intentionally loved me and spoke about the importance of investigating Jesus for myself. God used these relationships and their faithful preaching of the Gospel to open my eyes to how lost I was, and how I didn’t deserve the grace Jesus freely gave to me. After experiencing His sacrificial love, I knew that everything had changed. I felt convicted  to share this good news with others. After graduating with a degree in Physical Education, I had the opportunity to come on staff with CO. I desire to see students who have stories like mine read the Bible, come to know Jesus personally, and experience the same Gospel that has transformed my life.

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