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Tiffany was born to Campus Outreach missionary parents in Bangkok, Thailand. She was raised in Atlanta, GA and came to Christ in the sixth grade. Growing up, Tiffany could see how her parents' love for Christ shaped the way they loved one another and served those around them. After studying Romans 12 at school, she desired for God to transform her heart and wanted to have a relationship with Him. A few years later, Tiffany graduated with a degree in Recreational Therapy from Clemson University. During college, Tiffany went to several CO New Year's Conferences. There, she saw the impact on the world of being faithful to share the Gospel and study God's Word with others, and He gave her a passion for being part of what He was doing to reach people across the globe. Tiffany has served as campus staff in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is now excited to serve on the campus and see God work in the lives of people in Lima, Peru!

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