TSP first started in 1995. TSP is a summer program that aims to establish a foundation of Christian life for new believers and build laborers with a Christ-centered commitment to the Great Commission.

What are the benefits of TSP?
  1. Students will learn and practice living their lives in a relationship with Christ.
  2. Students will receive various training in the Christian Faith.
  3. Students will have an opportunity to live and work cooperatively and alongside each other.
  4. Students will have a chance to lead themselves and others following the example of Jesus Christ.

What are the goals?
  1. Build a foundation of Christian life for Christian students at Khon Kaen University
  2. Develop leaders who live for Christ, share Christ, and be Christ-centered
  3. Create a sense of community and promote fellowship and unity within the body of Christ
  4. Equip students with other skills that are necessary to help them to have a strong and intimate relationship with Christ and be Christ-centered leaders; for example, life management.

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Campus Outreach SERVE
Dept # 485
PO Box 4458
Houston, TX 77210-4458

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