LEAD Staff

I grew up in a Christian family and became a Christian in high school. When I went to University I became involved with Engage Otago (Campus Outreach Dunedin). I am so thankful for the people who invested in me and helped me to know and love God more. They showed me what it looked like to live as a Christian and helped me to grow in my faith and share it with others.

I graduated in 2014, and since then I have worked as a primary school teacher while continuing to be involved with Engage. I have come alongside students to help them to know, worship, and serve Christ for the rest of their lives.

Through Campus Outreach I have been to Thailand twice for short-term missions. I saw the need for laborers in Thailand and realized I could join the Campus Outreach team there.

I’m excited to see students saved and multiplied in Thailand, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to obediently follow God there.