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Njekwa was born into a Christian family. Because of this, some of his siblings came to know the Lord early in their lives, and he could see that there was something different about them. He tried everything he could to be like them but ultimately failed. He knew the gospel message well but just couldn't believe in a saving way and gave up all hope of ever being a Christian. In 2009, the Lord saved Njekwa at a camp hosted by Kabwata Baptist Church. Finally, this Jesus who he had heard about all his life was not just the Savior of others, He was Njekwa's personal Savior. He began to serve in that church, and this brought great joy to his heart. Before long, he realized that this was something he wanted to do all the time. To spend and be spent for the expansion of God's kingdom, anything else seemed pale in comparison.

Jaela graduated from the University of Memphis and while there, surrendered her life to the Lord. Ever since then, God has molded her heart for Himself and His children. Jaela's passion is to help expectant mothers and newborn babies.

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