LEAD Staff

Although I grew up in a Christian home, an intimate relationship with God was not my priority. In moving to college, my separation from God only grew stronger as I continued to work for the approval of others and myself. In experiencing the result of sin in my life, I began to feel the tugging on my heart to open my Bible and begin to go to church. In 2020, God transformed my life as I was faced with Jesus in the gospel. I finally began to understand what Christ’s life, death, and resurrection have done for me and how it has now called me to live. The Lord then surrounded me with Christian community and fellowship within Campus Outreach. As my walk with Christ was spurred on through discipleship, I began to see what significance discipleship plays in the Great Commission. Since my love for the youth and the lost world has grown stronger by the day, I know God has called me to the great privilege of bringing the gospel right to them in Cape Town, South Africa!

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