Campus Staff

I have had the joy and the privilege to know the Lord through the ministry of Campus Outreach in 2010. I'm so grateful for those who took the time to invest in my spiritual walk with God. This has also encouraged me to plant seeds in the life of others. The ministry of Campus Outreach has given me the platform to pursue that.

I joined staff in 2013 and it has been the best investment of my life. Part of my role in the resource team is to network, raise funds, and create resources for those who are joining staff. This will aid them to effectively and efficiently go on the campus to build laborers. It has been identified that a major contributing factor which discourages people of color to join staff is the financial component. The majority of this population are from disadvantaged backgrounds. The resource team has the pleasure of making supporting raising easier and life-giving for the team.

My role in member care is to partner with leadership in ensuring that the team is thriving and serving at their most optimal level. Burnt out and depression in ministry has to lead to many staff members leaving. My aim is to foresee and avoid those circumstances by helping everyone take care of their health.

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