Campus Staff

I connected with the Campus Outreach ministry in 2013 as a student on campus. I was greatly impacted by the lives of the staff - how they not only were able to share their beliefs about Jesus, but also had their lives transformed by Him. God used them to draw me to Himself and through the study of His Word, I found in Jesus the redemption, love, and grace I had spent my whole life longing for. After my personal encounter with Jesus, I spent 5 years being discipled. Over the years, the Lord used discipleship to grow my desire and vision to invest in others in the same way I had people investing in mine. Since then, by His grace, I have had opportunities to be a part of and see the fruits of His work in others while still in college, in my own family and at work. I'm excited to go back to the campus, to the same place God used to reach my life, and to continue to partner with Him in His work of transforming students' lives.

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