Campus Staff

I grew up going to church my entire life, but I truly did not have a relationship with Christ until I surrendered my life to Christ going into 8th grade. From 8th grade until my freshman year of college my walk with Christ hit a plateau. Their wasn't anyone walking beside me showing me how to live life as a Christian or how to do disciplines of the faith such as how to read your bible or how to share your faith, etc. so I struggled with living a self-righteous life until a man by the name of Rob began to take an interest in my life during my freshman year of college. He was on staff with Campus Outreach at Berry College, and he began to do life with me and began to walk along side me in my spiritual walk. He helped me understand the Gospel and taught me what that truly meant for me. He also ​​taught me how to read my bible, how to fight sin, how to share my faith, pray, etc. Since being a part of Campus Outreach, I have grown in my recollection of the Gospel and my utmost desire is to proclaim Jesus Christ to the lost world, specifically the college campus!