Campus Staff

Growing up we attended church every Sunday and I knew the head knowledge that Jesus died for my sins. In 7th grade I attended a church conference where I prayed a prayer and thought I was good, even though nothing from my life showed that I knew Christ on a personal level. Entering into college my lifestyle had become very reckless and rebellious towards God as a whole. My first semester of college I pledged a fraternity at West Ga and my desire for spiritual growth decreased even more. I tried anything the world had to offer me, thinking that this would bring me satisfaction. It was not until l started attending Campus Outreach that I heard the Gospel for the first time. Through Campus Outreach God used Staff to meet me in my brokenness and who loved me enough to share the true meaning of Salvation. As a result of that, God has placed a desire on my heart to bring the good news to students on the college campus.