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Going into college I thought I knew Jesus. I thought I knew Him well. I thought He had no impact on my life, and I thought my life could be set right if I worked hard and did things right. During my junior year in college, questions about my life, my purpose, and the meaning of the things happening around me started pressing in on my mind. For some reason, I felt so discontent wherever I was, whatever I was doing. In that same year, I met people from Campus Outreach who shared the gospel with me and helped me know the God with whom they had a relationship. They helped me understand that this relationship with God was made possible by Jesus and in this relationship, we find hope, purpose, and meaning. This new knowledge and understanding gave me a new drive, a new perspective in life. It slowly softened my heart into desiring to help more and more students who, like me, have questions about their existence to know this great God who loves and cares for them.

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