Campus Intern

I knew of Christ, but I didn't commit to having a personal relationship with Him until my first year in college; in growing and learning about Him and my need for Him. I met Katie, who introduced me to a campus ministry present at my university in Cebu, Philippines called StuMo. She started pouring her life into me, and that’s when my life turned 180 degrees. I saw a drastic change in my life and got convicted to share the gospel not only with my family and friends but also with the students. After I graduated, I was introduced to CO and had the privilege of witnessing Campus Outreach staff ministering in Chiang Mai, Thailand. God spoke clearly and led me to serve with CO Manila. It was a journey of tough decision-making, but in a short, intimate time period, God gave me His loudest assurance and showed me His sovereignty. Now, I'm here, called not to perfection but to progression for His glory.

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