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I grew up in a Catholic family, so I didn't know anything about the gospel growing up. It was during college, when I was at my lowest point, that God sent people to become a part of my life. He sent two friends who were participating in a CCP in Guadalajara, Mexico. They loved me, cared for me, became my friends, and ultimately shared the good news with me. I know that there are other students like me who are living in sadness, without meaning, people who are waiting for someone to love and share the gospel with them. Mexico is a country that still lives in a lot of darkness, and I want to become a part of the staff team in Guadalajara because of the huge need there is. With the help of the rest of the team, I want to help in ministering to other students so they can get to know Christ and contribute with spreading the light of the gospel in my country.

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Campus Outreach SERVE
Dept # 485
PO Box 4458
Houston, TX 77210-4458

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