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I grew up in a Christian home with Christian parents that taught my brother and me about Jesus and made it a priority for us to be in church. Jared, my older brother by a year and a half, decided to follow Jesus when he was in the third grade. I saw that he got a lot of attention and affirmation for his decision, which is a good thing, and I wanted the same kind of attention. So, I decided to “become a Christian” too. I met knew all of the things to say and do to be a Christian, but I had no idea that I was a sinner or that I needed a Savior. It was not until a few years later that I finally understood what it really means to know that I am a sinner and to put my faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins and I became a Christian.

I began to learn to walk with Jesus in community and through his Word a little late in high school and then a lot in college through Campus Outreach. I was a part of a group of guys in a Discipleship Group that met together every week throughout college and we learned how to read our Bibles, pray, and share our faith. I know that my life after college and my marriage look drastically different because of my time in Campus Outreach and with that small group of guys. I have recently gotten married to my beautiful wife Brittni and I have been working with State Farm for over two years now. Brittni and I have been praying about this opportunity to go on staff with Campus Outreach for a while now and it has been great to see God open doors and lead our way back to the ministry that has impacted our lives so greatly. We are excited to see God work in the lives of college students with the gospel and through our ministry knowing that he is faithful to change their lives as he has ours.

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