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I grew up in a catholic family, going to church every Sunday, even though I was never interested in God or the Bible. Before I became a believer, I would put my identity in sports or academics. Upon not being able to become a professional soccer player, I entered college, putting my identity in being a successful man and the best of my class. After a year of college, I managed to reach my goal, but I felt very miserable and lonely. At this low point in my life, God brought me to Him through a CCP team during the summer of 2019. He opened my eyes to see how great a sinner I am, and He lavished His grace upon me and saved me through those friendships that I made and through hearing the Gospel from them. Now, even though I have experienced some opposition from my family for being a Christian, and it has been hard, I want to be used by God to impact my campus, that I may be to other students what the crew of that CCP was for me. I believe God has put the desire in me to do full-time college ministry and the opportunity to do it. I want to see people all around the campus come to Christ and know that they have a Lord and Savior that loves them and died for them, just as I did in 2019.

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