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I grew up far away from God, and it left me living a life of great emptiness. One day I realized how shallow my life was and I hit rock bottom. At that time, while I was in college, I met a few Christian friends (among them the one who would later become my husband) and they invited me to their home Bible study group. At first I was on the defensive because I thought I had to change before I could get closer to God. However, week after week, I was able to hear the gospel and see that, with the good news of Jesus, it was the other way around. He forgives me and loves me and it is through this work that I can draw closer to God and change. As the months went by, my best friends became those with whom I shared the same faith, my relationships began to be restored, my involvement in the life of the church began to grow, but most importantly, I could finally say that my identity and joy were in Christ. Now I serve together with my husband Luis in the church, mainly in counseling for young married couples and discipleship for women. We are excited to start a new church soon, and after months of praying for it, we believe that God is calling me into full time ministry, specifically with Campus Outreach, to share the message of hope and salvation with college students.

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