Campus Staff

I grew up in a Christian home with eleven siblings. While I was surrounded by so much truth and great people, much of it remained dormant until the end of my college. Once I got to college, I began to buy into its culture and my identity as a "christian" became less and less important to me. God got ahold of my heart going into my senior year. In so many ways, He revealed how stone-like my heart was, and He gave me a heart of flesh. I began walking with Him closely, and quickly, my desires, as well as my career plans, changed tremendously. I began viewing my relationships as opportunities to love the body of Christ and share the truth with the Lost. I dedicated the rest of my college experience to growing closer to the Lord and sharing Him with others. After graduation, I went on staff for Campus Outreach at JSU; after nearly 2 years at JSU, my wife and I moved to Troy to do ministry in a place that feels like home.