Belo Horizonte LEAD Staff

My name is Mary Kelly Cantrell, and I became a Christian at the young age of 6. Looking back on my life I see how the the Lord's blessings have directly influenced who I am and where I am going. Growing up in a Christian home and being involved in a very missions-minded church exposed me to the lost world and the desperation for believers to be an active part of living out the Great Commission globally. It wasn't until I went to Troy University and got involved with Campus Outreach that I saw the opportunity to put my desires to be apart of this mission into action. Falling in love with the people and culture of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and seeing just how desperate they are for the truth of the Gospel was enough to make me move there, but knowing how much more of an impact my two years will have on the world could be enough to make me never leave. I chose to believe and trust that the Lord will use me, a broken and messed up woman, to share the Gospel and see people not only become believers but become laborers who will multiply across the world.